Audi 90 B3: Fuse Box Diagram (1986-1991)

Hello everyone, how are you guys? The discussion this time is about the Audi 90 B3 fuse box diagram. Production year 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991. maybe some of you already know about it. However, if you want to know more, please read the reviews we have summarized below!

Audi 90 B3 – Auxiliary relay panel

Audi 90 B3: Fuse Box Diagram (1986-1991)

Audi 90 B3 – fuse box diagram – Auxiliary relay panel

1ABS system, J156
2Seat belt, radio, parking light warning, J152
3Interior light control unit, J140
4A/C clutch control unit, J153
5Not used
6Dynamic oil pressure warning (without Auto-Check), J114
Lamp control unit, front (with Auto-Check), J123
7Not used
8Not used
9Not used
10Not used
11Not used
12Circuit breaker (power seats with memory, power windows, power sunroof), S43
13Seat heater control unit, passenger. J132
14Seat heater control unit, driver, J131
15Sunroof relay, J139
Sunroof and power window control unit, J139
16Sunroof and power window control unit, J139
17Wire distributor adaptor, (optional equipment connector)
18Not used

Audi 90 B3 – Fuse Box Diagram

Audi 90 B3: Fuse Box Diagram (1986-1991)

Audi 90 B3 – fuse box diagram

1Fog lights, rear fog light15
2Emergency flashers15
3Horn, brake lights25
4Reading lights, luggage compartment, cigar lighter, interior lights, make-up mirror, Board Computer, radio, clock, auto climate control, alarm system15
5Radiator cooling fan30
6Side marker, park lights, right5
7Side marker, park lights, left5
8Hi-beam headlight, right, hi-beam indicator light10
9Hi-beam headlight, left10
10Low beam headlight, right10
11Low beam headlight, left10
12Instrument cluster, back-up lights, Auto-Check, cruise control, ABS, Board Computer, differential locks, electronic thermoswitch, throttle valve time control unit, radiator cooling fan after-run control unit15
13Fuel pump, warm-up regulator15
14Glove compartment, engine compartment, license plate lights5
15Windshield wipers, thermoswitch, radiator cooling fan, turn signals, A/C pressure switch25
16Rear window heat element, outside mirror heat element30
17Fresh air blower, A/C30
18Power mirrors, rear window wiper (Coupe)5
19Central locking system, heated lock system10
20Radiator cooling fan (step 1), radiator cool fan after-run30
21Rear cigar lighter25
22Not used
23Power seats with memory, power seat control unit30
24Engine control I10
25Heated seats30
26Daytime driving lights (Canada)5
27Engine control I (from September, 1987)10
28Engine control II15
29Spare fuses15
IFog lights, J5
IIup to 1990: Radiator cooling tan (stage 2), J101
from 1990: Not used
IIIRadiator cooling fan after-run control unit, J138
IVup to 1990: Not used
from 1990: Headlight washer system, J39
VLoad reduction relay, J18
VIup to 1990: A/C fresh air blower, J11
from 1990: Radiator cooling fan high speed relay, J101
VIIHorn, J4
VIIIBridge between contact 36 and 38 for manual transmissions
Auto transmission, J60
IXIntermittent washer/wiper, J31
XFuel pump, J17
XIRadiator cooling fan (stage 1), J26


You need to remember guys, the designations on the terminals and harness will vary depending on the level of vehicle equipment, model and market. may be useful!

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