Aston Martin Lagonda: Fuse Box Diagram (1987)

Hello everyone. How are you guys?, I hope you are fine. The discussion this time is about the fuse box diagram of  Aston Martin Lagonda. Year of production 1987. If you want to know more about the Aston Martin Lagonda then please read the review below for more details!

Aston Martin Lagonda – Console – Mounted Fuse Box

Aston Martin Lagonda: Fuse Box Diagram (1987)

Aston Martin Lagonda – fuse box diagram – Console Mounted

NumberAmpere rating [A]Function
110LH DIP Beam
210RH DIP Beam
310LH Side tail lamps
410RH Side tail lamps
520LHF W/Lift SW/S
620RHF W/Lift SW/S
720LHF W/Lift SW
820RHF Seat  motor
915LH Seat motor
1015RH Seat motor
1115Wiper motor
1210Stop/reverse lamps
1310Indicators hazard
1620Fuel injection
1720Fuel injection

Aston Martin Lagonda – Under – bonnet fuse box LHD

Aston Martin Lagonda: Fuse Box Diagram (1987)

Aston Martin Lagonda – fuse box diagram – Under Bonnet

NumberAmpere rating [A]Function
110LH Main beam
210LH Inner main beam
310RH Main beam
410RH Inner main beam
515Spot lamps
615Front fog lamp
720Engine fans high
815Engine fans low
925Front A/C Unit
1015Rear A/C Unit
113Alternator, Ignition
1225Lamp wash motor
1315Door locks
1510Inhibit relay, interior lamps
1620HR Screen
1715Cigar Lighter
R2Inner H Lamps
R3Fog lamps
R4Front W Lift
R5Starter motor
R6H/R Screen
R7Rear W Lift
R9Spot lamps
R10Speed lock


You need to remember guys, the designations on the terminals and harness will vary depending on the level of vehicle equipment, model and market. may be useful!

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