AMC Concord: Fuse Box Diagram (1979 – 1983)

Hello everyone, how are you guys? The discussion this time is about the fuse box diagram of Aixam Alfa Romea. Year of production 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983. If you want to know more about Alfa Romeo then please read the review below for more details!

AMC Concord – Fuse Box Diagram

Cirkuit Beaker:

  1. Power Windows & Tailgate Switches – 20 amp. circuit breakers located in instrument panel.
  2. Headlights – 20 amp. circuit breaker in headlight switch
  3. Windshield Wiper – 6 amp. circuit breaker in wiper switch.

AMC Concord: Fuse Box Diagram (1979 – 1983)

AMC Concord – fuse box diagram

No.AProtected Component
110Parking lights, key/headlights warning buzzer
215Stop light and hazard warning
3 –
43Cluster illumination
5 –
6 –
725Heater/blower motor, A/C clutch
815Radio, cigar lighter
915Turn signals, backup lights, windshield washers
105Gauges, seat belt warning
1130Power door lock, power windows circuit breaker
1225Heated rear window


You need to remember guys, the designations on the terminals and harness will vary depending on the level of vehicle equipment, model and market. may be useful!

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