Alfa Romeo Brera: Bulbs Specification (2005-2010)

Hello everyone, how are you guys? The discussion this time is about the Alfa Romeo Brera bulbs specification. Year of production: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Maybe some of you already know about it. However, if you want to know more, please read the reviews we have summarized below!

Alfa Romeo Brera  – Type of bulbs

Alfa Romeo Brera: Bulbs Specification (2005-2010)

Alfa Romeo Brera – bulbs

Note:   A= Glass bulbs: clipped into position. Pull to remove

B= Bayonet type bulbs: push the bulb and turn the holder counterclockwise to remove this kind of bulb.

C= Release the tubular bulbs from their contacts to remove them.

D & E= Halogen bulbs: to remove the bulb, release the clip holding the bulb in place

F= Gas-discharge lamps (Bixenon)

Main beam headlightsDH755 W
Dipped beam headlightsDH755 W
Main beams/Dipped beams (versions with Bixenon headlights) (where provided)FD1S55 W
Additional main beams (where provided)DH155 W
Front sidelights (1 per headlight)AW5WB5 W
TaillightsBP21/5W5 W
Front fog lightsEH755 W
Front direction indicatorBPY21W21 W
Side direction indicatorAW5W5 W
Rear direction indicatorBP21W21 W
Brake lightsBP21/5W21 W
Third brake lightAW2,3W2,3 W
Reversing lightBP2121 W
Rear fog lightsBP21W21 W
Number plate lightsAW5W5 W
Front ceiling light2xA+1C2xW5+10W5+5+10 W
Boot lightC10W10 W
Courtesy mirror lightsA1.5W1.5 W
Glovebox lightAW5W5 W
Puddle/door lightsAw5W5 W


You need to remember guys, the designations on the terminals and harness will vary depending on the level of vehicle equipment, model and market. may be useful!

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