Alfa Romeo 166 FL: Fuse Box Diagram (2003-2007)

Hello everyone, how are you guys? The discussion this time is about the Alfa Romeo 166 FL fuse box diagram. Year of production: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. Maybe some of you already know about it. However, if you want to know more, please read the reviews we have summarized below!

Alfa Romeo 166 FL – Fuse table summary

External lightsFuseAmpere rating [A]Location
Brake lights (switch)9586
Direction indicators121093
External lights (control)51086
Front fog lights161589
Headlights and headlight position sensor (gas discharge headlights)67,586
IGE control unit:
– brake light switch11586
– brake lights9586
– headlight spot111586
– left side lights171086
– rear light units151086
– right side lights81086
Left dipped beam headlight121589
Reversing lights (only versions with manual gearbox)131086
Right dipped beam headlight101589


Internal lightsFuseAmpere rating [A]Location
Dashboard light dimmer51086
Door mirror control light151093
Glovebox light51086
Seat warming control light151093
Sun visor lights151093


System/componentFuseAmpere rating[A]Location
ABI control unit131086
ABI control unit – Central locking192093
ABI control unit – Front LH power window182093
ABI control unit – Front RH power window32093
ABI control unit – Rear LH power window142093
ABI control unit – Rear RH power window172093
ABS control unit9586
Additional heater (JTD versions)172089
Alarm system (control unit)121093
Alfa Romeo Code System20586
Cell phone (handset)18586
Central locking (ABI control unit)192093
Cigar lighter72086
Climate control fan23089
Climate control unit19586
Conditioner compressor137,589
Cruise Control51086
Diesel fuel filter warming (JTD versions)233089
Door mirror defrosting27,593
Electrochromic driving mirror151093
Electronic injection control unit201089
Electronic injection system16586
Engine control unit187,589
Engine cooling control unit16586
Engine cooling radiator fan46089
Engine cooling radiator fan54089
EOBD system (socket)18586
Front LH power window (ABI control unit)182093
Front RH power window (ABI control unit)32093
Front LH seat electric adjustment63093
Front RH seat electric adjustment53093
Front LH seat warming91093
Front RH seat warming81093
Fuel pump191589
Fuel pump relay coil (engine bay box)16586
Glow plug (JTD versions)86089
Headlight washer (intermittent)122086
I.C.S. system51086
Instrument panel67,586
Parking sensors (control unit)151093
Power windows (driver’s control LOCK warning light)151093
Powered sunroof102093
Rain sensor151093
Rear current socket162093
Rear LH power window (ABI control unit)142093
Rear RH power window (ABI control unit)172093
Rearscreen heating13093
Relay coil T21, T22, T23 (boot box3586
Relay coil T24 (boot box)51086
Remote control receive151093
Sound amplifier202593
Sound system41586
Sound system controls on steering whee51086
Starter motor13089
Trailer presetting121093
Windscreen heating71593
Windscreen wiper142586

Alfa Romeo 166 FL – Fuses and relays in the boot

Alfa Romeo 166 FL: Fuse Box Diagram (2003-2007)

Alfa Romeo 166 – fuse box – boot

AAir mixing actuator, climate control unit, additional heater control (JTD versions)
BRearscreen heating relay
CSeat warming control, electrochromic driving mirror, sun visor light, rain sensor, parking sensor control unit, door mirror control light, remote control receiver, alarm system control unit, driver’s power window control LOCK warning light
DWindscreen heating, door mirror defrosting
EFront seat warming, rear current socket, front seat electric adjustment, powered sunroof
FDirection indicators, trailer presetting

Alfa Romeo 166 FL – Fuses and relays in engine compartment

Alfa Romeo 166 FL: Fuse Box Diagram (2003-2007)

Alfa Romeo 166 – fuse box – engine bay

ADipped beam headlight
BClimate control fan
DFront fog light
FPetrol versions (single fan): engine cooling radiator (high speed)
JTD versions (two-fan): engine cooling radiator (high speed
GConditioner compressor
HPetrol versions: engine cooling radiator (low speed)
JTD versions (two-fan): engine cooling radiator (high speed)
L. Fuel pump
MElectronic injection main relay
NStarter motor
PDiesel filter warming (JTD versions)
JTD versions (two-fan): engine cooling radiator (low speed)

Alfa Romeo 166 FL – Fuses and relays in the control unit

Alfa Romeo 166 FL: Fuse Box Diagram (2003-2007)

Alfa Romeo 166 – fuse box – control unit

To the left of the steering column, under the dashboard, is a control unit that contains the fuses for the primary devices.


You need to remember guys, the designations on the terminals and harness will vary depending on the level of vehicle equipment, model and market. may be useful!

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