Acura MDX: Fuse Box Diagram (2007-2008)

Hello everyone, how are you friends? I hope you guys are fine. The discussion this time is about the Acura MDX fuse box diagram. Year of production 2007, 2008. Maybe some of you already know it. However, if you want to know more about it, please read the review we have compiled below!

Acura MDX – Interior fuse box

Acura MDX: Fuse Box Diagram (2007-2008)

Acura MDX – fuse box – interior

Note:   *: On Canadian models

PositionAmpere rating [A]Circuits protected
210Driver’s Lumber Support Motor
420Front Heated Seats
67,5Interior Light
710Interior Light, Moonroof
820Door Lock
915ACC Socket
1015IG Coil
1130Windshield Wiper
1320Passenger’s Power Recline
1420Driver’s Power Slide
1520Telescope Steering Wheel
1620Driver’s Power Recline
1720Passenger’s Power Slide
1920Fuel Pump
207,5SH-AWD, Active Damper Control Unit
23Not Used
2420Left Rear Power Window
2520Right Rear Power Window
2630Passenger’s Power Window
2730Driver’s Power Window
2820Tilt Steering Wheel
3115Headlight Auto Leveling, Rear Wiper, Windshield/Rear Washer
33Not Used

Acura MDX – Auxiliary

PositionAmpere rating [A]Circuits protected
17,5Starter DIAG

Acura MDX – Rear Fuse Box

Acura MDX Fuse Box Diagram 2007 2008 2

Acura MDX – fuse box – Rear box

PositionAmpere rating [A]Circuits protected
1Not Used
2Not Used
3Not Used
4Not Used
510Rear ACC Socket
620Power Tailgate
7Not Used
810Cargo Area Light
1030Rear Defroster
1140Power Tailgate

Acura MDX – Secondary under-hood fuse box

Acura MDX: Fuse Box Diagram (2007-2008)

Acura MDX – fuse box – secondary under – hood box

Note:   *: Canadian model

PositionAmpere rating [A]Circuits protected
110Left Daytime Running Light
210Right Daytime Running Light
310Left Headlight High
410Right Headlight High
57,5Small Lights (Exterior)
630Headlight Low Main
77,5Cooling Fan Timer
915IG Coil
1240Front Blower Motor
1320Fog lights
1430Headlight Washer*
1530Condenser Fan
1630Cooling Fan
177,5MG Clutch
1815Left Headlight Low
1915Right Headlight Low
227,5Small Lights (Interior)

Acura MDX – Primary under-hood fuse box

Acura MDX: Fuse Box Diagram (2007-2008)

Acura MDX – fuse box – primary under – hood box

Note:   *: Canadian model

FuseAmpere rating [A]Circuits protected
1120Main fuse
Not Used
2-1Not Used
2-2Not Used
2-330Rear Blower Motor
2-440ABS VSA
2-540Trailer Main
2-640Power Seats, Driver’s Position Memory System, Subwoofer
2-740Front Heated Seat, TPMS, Moonroof, Driver’s Lumber Support
2-8Not Used
3-160Fog Lights, Front Blower Motor
3-240Headlights, Daytime Running Lights
3-360Cooling Fan, Condenser Fan, MG Clutch, Headlight Washer*
3-450Ignition Switch Main
3-550Power Window
3-660SH-AWD, Power Tailgate Open/Closer, Rear ACC Socket, Cargo Area Light, Rear Defroster
3-730ECU (PCM)
3-8Not Used
440Audio, Door Lock, Interior Lights
5Not Used
6Not Used
730Active Damper Control Unit
830Audio Amplifier
97,5Rear Entertainment System
1115Horn, Stop
1320Trailer (Brake)
1420Rear Heated Seat
1520A/C Inverter


You need to remember guys, the designations on the terminals and harness will vary depending on the level of vehicle equipment, model and market. may be useful!

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